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European Imports and Domestics
Texoma K-9 Training Center L.L.C.  (580) 512-6629
Good with children.  Protection
Level 3 female.  Listed on our
Testimony Page.
April von
Social and good
with children.  
Great for the
family or farm.  
Nice obedience.  
Loves to play
Hexe-  Good with children.   
Social, obedient, and she is a
confident young girl.
Odin-  For level 3 or 4 protection.  
Single purpose patrol Solid
protection drives.  Stable and
family oriented.   AKC Registered
4 Year old.
Arko-    Good with
children and social.  
(580) 512-6629
Zico- Holland Import
malinois.  Dual purpose Police
K-9 or Single person
protection level 4.   Good
Rambo-  Very social Belgian
Malinois from Holland.  For
Single Purpose police narcotic
detection dog and or tracking
or evidence search.  Strong
ball/ searching drives.  
Isis-  Titled SVV1.  Good
with Children, obedient,
Brix-  Good for Level 3 or
4 protection and good
candidate for police work.
Bizar-  Holland Import.  
Single Purpose Narcotics
Police K-9 and Tracking.
Vanta-  Good for the
family and kids.  Good
obedience.  Young female
German Import.
Spring 2007 Police K-9 Seminar
Dual Purpose Police K-9.  Passive
Response.  Very nice strong
KNPV working drives.  
Video 1   
Video 2   Video 3   Video 4
Blake-  For Police K-9 Handler
Protection and tracking.  
Gino-  High Ball and
Defense Drives. Social.  
Dunco and Dolly
Zitavska-dolina son.
Eros-  Titled SVV1.  Social, obedient
Protector, Level 3 Protection.  Good
with other dogs and good with Children.
Video 1        Video 2
Layka-  Dual Purpose KNPV Police K-9
Dutch Import Malinois.
Dorka-  Level 3 protection.  
Great around other animals,
children, good obedience.
Rexor-  Nice even natured temperament.  
Good with other animals and children.  Good
for Level 3 or 4 Protection.  Good for the family.
Iwan-  Level 3 Protection,
raised by Bill Jenkins and
imported as a pup from
friends in Holland.

Pedigree 1  Pedigree 2
Video 4 months Playing with
the Kong
Video 2 Video 3  Video 4
Sheila-   Dutch Shepherd.  
Strong searching and ball drives.  
Hard grip on the sleeve and suit.   
Dual Purpose Police K-9.
Buran-  Dual
Purpose Police
Saro- Dual Purpose Police
K-9 Social, Strong Grip.
Alan-  Dual Purpose Police K-9.  Strong
Grip.  Strong searching and ball drive.
Gaston-  Good with children.  
Good for Level 3 or 4 Protection.  
Social and even tempered.  
Likes to play ball also.  Dunco
Va-Pe Son.  Import.
Bak-  Social and good with
children.  Level 3
Protection.  Good with other
Arko-   Dual Purpose
Police K-9.  
Retrieve Metal Pipe
Carlo-  For level 3 or 4 protection or
Single Purpose Patrol.   Social.
Strong protection and apprehension
work and good temperament.  KNPV
Joep-  Dual
Purpose Police K-9  
Or Level 3 or 4
protection.   KNPV  
Working Lines,
Holland Import.
Fina- SCHH1
Female.  Great
with children.  
Strong protection
work.  Gentle
Argos-    Titled Male.  SCHH1.  
Social.  Hard grip, good protection,
not just sleeve happy.  Great all
around protection dog.  Level 3
Olaf- Single Purpose Patrol.
Video 1
Video 2
Polly-  Level 3
Protection.  Nice
female of 2 years.  
Good with children
and other animals.  
Diesel-  Dual Purpose Police
Bailouts Bldg Search
Handler School Video
Narcotics Vehicle
Handler School.
Brass-  Level 3 or 4
Protection.  Large
dog, full grip.  
Video Suit
Good obedience.  
Good protection
Video 1
Nina.  Fast apprehensions high protection work.  
when needed.  Good with children.  Not a large
Video  KNPV Suit
was kicked.  Two surgeries, a pin later, and
too.  Blade has a pin in his left leg and so is
and Belgium-  See our protection dog page for a
description of our protection dogs, protection
training, and
price ranges.  See our Police K-9
Page for information and price ranges on our
police dogs.