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Texoma K-9 Training Center L.L.C.  (580) 512-6629
Robby.  Social.  Likes to play ball.  Good grip.  
Active protection.  Good with Children.  Good
pedigree.  Competition obedience.
Robby Training 10 months old
Video 2  
Video 3  Video 4
Robby 12 Months Old obedience in Germany  
Now 13 Months old.
Rony-  grip.  Good with children.  
Strong in protection and more serious
in his demeanor but can be loving and
likes to play also.  
Quick-  Good with family and
children, nice obedience.  Social.  
Loves to play ball.
Video 1   Video 2
Titus-  Single purpose narcotic detection.  
Tracking or evidence search options.  Very
strong searching and ball drives.
Titus Video 1  Video 2   Video 3  
Drug Boxes   4 Drug Boxes 2
Drug Search Building
Joe-  Social.  Good with children.  Great
dual purpose candidate.  Strong drives
and grip.  Competition level obedience.  
Civil.  OK for first time handler.  Dual
First Hidden Sleeve      
Video 2 Sleeve    Video Drug
Boxes   Joe Dope Search Building
Joe Suit and Release
Tarzan-   Single Purpose Patrol Police K-9 or
Level 4 Protection Option.  Hard grip.   
Video 1  Video 2  Video 3
The training session in which we took videos
was designed to put the dog under distraction.  
Vehicles driving by, dogs across the street,
and another dog on the field.
Luno-  Strong drives and searching.  Nice
Civil.  Strong grip.  Strong ball drive.  Dual
Purpose Police K-9.
Luno Video 1    Video 2    Video 3    
Video 4   Video 5   Video 6
Building  Luno Hidden Sleeve
Della-  Very social with
children and other animals.  
ctive but not
overbearing.  Softer
personality yet still protective.  
Smaller size is good for
Video   Video 2
Asp-  SCHH1.  Nice Protection
work.  Strong grip social
 Video 1  Video 2  
Video 3  Video 4
Bella-  4.5 ears old.  Bella belonged to a Military
Working Dog trainer who we know that was
stationed at Fort Sill.  He go assigned to work at
Military Working Dog School at Lackland and he
could not take his personal dog with him. Bella was
raised Bella was raised in the home and is a nice
female.  She is offered at a low price for the right
home.  Sold as is no warranty due to age and
reduced price..
 Video 1  Video 2  Video 3
Sal-  Titled with a BH.  Good with other
animals and children.  Level 3 or 4
Protection.  Social.
Video 1  Video 2  Video 3
Jery-  Dual Purpose.  Slovak Import.
Video 1   2  3  4  5  6
Jimmy-  Narcotics, tracking, and handelr
protection.  Slovak Republic Import.  
Jimmy Video 1  2  3  4  5  6  7
Jimmy Hidden Sleeve.
Gomez Wildhearted-  Young male
from Germany from proven working
lines.  Working in protection.  
Currently biting the soft sleeve and
bite pillow.  Good with
children and other animals.  Social.
Video 1  2  3  4  
Blade-  Level 3 Protection.  Strong grip on suit and
Civil.  Good with children.  Blade started his career
in 2007 with us and it almost ended early when he
decided to see what the horses where doing one
day and he was kicked.  Two surgeries, a pin later,
and some rehab and Blade is back.  The Doctor
said he is stronger than ever and he thinks so too.  
Blade has a plate and  pin in his left leg and so was
offered to the right home at a reduced price.  BTW,
he still doesn't like horses.   
Bo-  9 months old.   Good with
other dogs and children.  Home
family protection dog right now.  
Currently biting the soft sleeve.  
Natural protection instincts and
drives doing well in his beginning
protection work.  Raised with
children and small other
 Pedigree 1  Pedigree 2
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