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-Sold Dog-
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-European Imports and Domestics-
Caty von Texomma.  Raised with Great
Pink papered and Tattooed.
New 2nd Short Video Of Caty
Cezar- call name Cezi-  Single
Cezi Classroom Search
Cezi Lockers
C- Litter pup we sold to owners of
Step-brother Bak.
Cheyenne von Texoma-
working on her titling on the East coat
the pillow at 7 months old on right.
Bill vom Alderhorst.  Nice Level 2
/ 3
13 months old in pictures.
Sold as puppy B-litter.
4 months old in pictures.
from His owner.
Dual Purpose Alan-  
Apprehension 1  2
Casper-  Casper Suit
Strong searching and narcotics work,
Black Wolf-Blut-
Lex- (Alexander Du Chenil
Victoire)  Belgian Tervuren.
Hard Sleeve Video 1    2
Hidden Sleeve    Suit
Mord-  Videos  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8
School Cocaine search    Apprehension   
W/Gunfir    Area Search W/Gunfire  
Heeling    A-Frame Agility    Escort

-Testimony Page- Money Seizures with
new handler
Kira-    KNPV lines.
School Searching  1  2   
Suit 1  2   3  Obedience 1  2
other animals and children.  Obedience 1
Obedience 2 Video.
Dante-  Dante Civil    Dante Sleeve   Dante Apprehension
Tiger Sunami-  Family home
protection dog, Level 1.
Dolly Podskalky-Slovakia son.
Nora-  Lawton Police Dept's New Special
Pete-  Blood Hound Police
Tracking and S&R with advanced
obedience.  AKC Registered
Grizzly-  Starts searching right away and
Videos 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9    Grizzly
in School with Kids
Grizz Drug Searching  1  2  
could be used in a breeding program where
natural civil aggression is needed to be added
to a program.
Buddy-  Social and good with other
dogs and real protection Level 3.  
Loves to play ball.   
Sara-  Titled AD and BH.  Father Solo vom Femereck
Team Hips.  For Level 3 Protection.   Raised with children
year old.  Video 1  Heavener Police
Heavener Police Dept.
Drug  Drug
Searching Videos 1  Videos 2    
3    4   5
Gasso- Sold to husband and wife for
home and business protection.
Gasso Video 1  2  3  4  
Obedience 1  2
ZVV1 Hera-  Hips A - From the Czech
Republic.  Normal 0/0 DNA'ed Breed Survey:
5CU1/P 2. Triad.  Female for breeding and home
Doksy Bady-Ron - IPO3, SchH3, ZVV3, SchHA,   
Hips A - From the Czech Republic.  
Championships.  7x CAC, r.CAC, CACIB, 2x
Championships.  7x CAC, r.CAC, CACIB, 2x
r.CACIB.  Doksy is brother to Czech INT
r.CACIB.  Doksy is brother to Czech INT
Champion Frankie Anrebri SCHH3, IPO3, ZPS1,
Champion Frankie Anrebri SCHH3, IPO3, ZPS1,
FH1, FPR1, ZVV1 Kkl.   Mother: ZVV2, SCHH3,
IPO3, ZPS1, FH1, ZPO1  ALKA Jipo-Me.  
Fax-  Social.  From Slovakia.  Dual
Drug searching videos 1  2  3
description of our protection dogs, protection
training, and
price ranges.  See our Police Dog
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