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protection training.
Nalla- She has a good possession for the ball and can be a narcotics canine.  
Currently we are focusing on her bite work add she is a Level 2 as of 5/12/2009.  Good
with children.  From Germany.
Helo-  Dual Purpose. Social and good with children.  Natural strong searching
Alfa-   Level 3 Protection Dog.  She is good with children.  She also knows  some
Bojar-  Single Purpose Police K-9.   Strong possession for the ball,
strong searching, no environmental issues.  
(Ivan call Name)-  Large Male.  Very Social with children and family.
Timmy-  Good with children.  Level 3 Protection currently.  Good and willingness to a his
people.  .  
Video 1  2  3  
Blitz-  Import Papered. PDF.  Newest Video 1 2 3
Hyra-  ZVV1 SchH1,  SCHHA, IPO3 Mother Heike Connan Bohemia Velmi Dobry ZVV1 5V1/
N2.  Hyra is pet quality.  Very good with children and basic obedience started.  
Karlo-  Dual Purpose Police K-9.  Strong drives, social with childlren, civil, and good defense.  
toy.  Single with handler protection.
Rudy-  Will do well in police work.  Good with children.  Social.  Not handler aggressive,
but handler hard.  Bites very hard.  
Nexo-  Single purpose Police K-9.  Very strong searching and ball
drives.  No environmental.  Will retrieve, metal, plastic, ball, anything.  
Very Strong Searching and possession for the ball.
Enya.  From our E-Litter.  Father SG Dunco Va-Pe  KKL 1 SVV2, IPO3,
SCHH3  &
Hera Rivie ZVV1, FPr1.  Natural defensive instincts for this stage of
development.  Environmentally strong.
Peter- Dual Purpose Police.   Natural Strong prey and aggression.
Sold  to Cambden County Sheriff's Office, Missouri.  
Diego-  Dual Purpose Police K-9.  Strong drives, social with children, civil and good
defense.  Working the sleeve now and moving to the suit and advanced training.  
Heike-  SVV1- Her Grandfather  Connan Bohemia-  Natural defense and prey drives, she can be
seen on U-Tube.  Bites IPO3,are SP-PS, ZV1, OP1SG Tom z Pohraniční stráže CS and one of the
best all time producers V-BSP 1987, SCHH3, FHV Fero vom Zeuterner Himmelreich.   Protection
Level 3.  Natural protector of the house and home.  Great with small children and ideal female
for breeding program.
Farrah.  Home family protection     Good drives.  Good in the home and with
Sandy-  Dual Purpose Police K-9.  Strong grip and searching.  VERY strong possession /
ball drive.  Very Civil in nature.  Will bite anyone.   Needs an experienced handler.   Can
be handler aggressive when it comes to releasing toy.  
Asko- Police K-9.    Pedigree.  Video save then open with windows media
Video 1 Father is Frankie Anrebri Vyborny Int Ch IPO3, SCHH3, ZPS1, FH1,
Mother is Fany Oderskych vrchu Velmi Dobry ZVV1, BH, ZZO 5WVQ1/N (Tom Z PS
ZacK-  Video Sleeve 1   2
Zack Small Area Search
Syra-  Home Family Protection.  Nice ball drives.   Social  and good with children.
Bayca-  Single purpose police K-9.  Very Strong prey drives and searching.
Andy-  SCHH1 AD BH A-Hips.  Very social and great in all environments.  Personal
Protection Level 3 or 4.  Raised and great around children and male dogs.  Good female
for breeding program also proven producer.  
Hexe and Hyra.  Pups H-Litter
and Belgium-  See our protection dog page for a
description of our protection dogs, protection
training, and
price ranges.  See our Police Dog
 Police K-9 Page for information and price
ranges on our police dogs.
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