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Texoma K-9 Training Center LLC  (580) 512-6629
Brenda-    Dual Purpose Police K-9.  Strong searching.  Bites are hard on the suit in
and outside arm bites.  KNPV lines.  Import from Holland.   Ready to go to our next
school systems without worry.  
Video 1  2  
Bella-  Pictured at 8 months old.  Terrific female for titling and or breeding program.   
breeding program.  
Click here from more pictures and information.  Very strong prey.  
Izzy von Texoma-  From our program.  Raised around young boy 8 years old in the home.
Well mannered.  Good with smaller dogs candidate for dual purpose.  Will be sold as a Level
Sire- 2008 and 2009 GSDCA-WDA National Champion and 4 X  
WUSV and Vice Seiger 2008 WUSV  V A-Normal SCHH3 KKL1
ACEOFNIKE van het Bleekhof
Dam-   VD A-Normal SVV1 Dolly Podskalky - Slovakia    Video 1  2  3
children and other animals.  Natural protection instincts.  Social.
Video  2  3
Trooper-  Single purpose narcotics with tracking option.  Strong searching.  
Very good single purpose dog.  Would be great for schools and interdiction
- Germany - Czech Republic - Holland - Slovakia -
description of our protection dogs, protection
Page  Police K-9 Page for information and price
ranges on our police dogs.
Igor-  Dual Purpose Police K-9. Soical.  Strong grips and prey possesssion.  Strong
Slick Floors School 6    Civil Training Table 1  2
Dan-  Dual Purpose.  Strong grips and ball drives.   Civil has had some muzzle training.  
Republic  Navigate site to see them.
Video Slick Floors School Searching Here
Hana-  Level 3 Protection.  Good female with children and nice protection work.  
with handler protection if needed.  Civil.
Bo-  Was a dog we had purchased for the Duncan Police Department while we
were visting Holland in the Summer of 2011.  As of February 2011, he had been
with the police department several months and had several arrests.
BH Heidy z Vojanky-  Social Female  Strong protection.  Well balanced and clear Heidy
3  4  5  6  7  8  
Hartos-  Level 3 or 4 Protection.  Social.  Good with children.  Nice grips.  
Video 1
Atilla-  Protection Level 3.  Social.  Civil.  Nice grip and even natured / well balanced.  From
Franceska von Texoma-  Level 3 Protection.  Very Social.  Very good with children.  
Natural protection instincts with civil drives.  Does protection naturally and nice grips.  
Good with other animals.   Daughter to Dunco Va-Pe and Dolly Zitavska-dolina.  See old:
Protection Training Here  1  2
Iwan-  Good for a protection dog.   Environmentally strong.  Will go anywhere with no
issues.  Good with small children
Pedigree.  Dam-   VD A-Normal SVV1 Dolly Podskalky
- Slovakia  
Click here from more pictures and information on this litter.
Rocky-  Dual Purpose Police K-9.  Very impressive.  Fast to the decoy.  Strong drives,
Video 1  2  3
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Ronni-  grips.  Social enough and balanced but very protective of cars and home.   Big
dog, not handler aggressive.
Videos 1  2  3  June 2011 Handler School Narcotics
Mock vehicle Pursuit
Prince-  Very good narcotics detection single purpose police k-9.  Will go anywhere
Grimm-  Level 3 or 4 protection.  Lived in the home.  Good with children and social.  
Natural protection.  Bites hard and strong defense.  
See the TESTIMONY 2 Page for Information About Jos's New Home
Hassan-  a very nice hip rating score ZW-78.
In Belgium Videos  1  2  
Rest fo the videos are during a handler school.
Video Texoma K-9 Handler School June 2011 Police Handler
School Drug Searching.
Video First Mock Police Pursuit    Police Pursuit With Gunfire
Tracking with new handler  It was 105 degrees the days these
videos were taken.
Lyas-  Dual Purpose.  Social.  Strong ball and searching.  Strong grip.  Large dog.  
personal home protection and companionship.  
Sammy-  Female.  Single Purpose Narcotics.  Strong prey and possession
drives.  Nice searching.  Great with children and small dogs.
Gitta-  Nice protection work.  For Level 3 or 4 Protection.   Good with children.  
searching.  Bite Training
Video 1   2  3  
Obedience with ball 1  
Django-  KNPV Dual Purpose Police K-9.  Strong ball drives and searching.  Strong grip.
See Testimony Page for news Django with new partner District 27 Task Force.
Dutch-  Import from Holland, KNPV lines.  Single Purpose / Dual Purpose.  Strong
searching.  Very agile and great with children.  Would be a perfect dog for working schools
and public handler..  
Video 1  Video 2  Video in School with new Handler Apprehension
Building Search with new handler.
Rony-  With handler John Randall.  John recently lost Buck, A Malinois he purchased from
us in 2004.  We are honored to offer him Rony as a new partner.  
Video Apprehension Handler School Bleachers at Local High School Gym.
Andor-  Belgian Tervuren FCI Pedigree, nice pediree.  Protection Level 3.  Very good
Oklahoma City and is loves going to work with his new owners.    
Video 1  2  3  4    
Table 1  2  3
in Germany with children.  DDR bloodlines.  Social and all around strong working
character.  Good with children very nice protection drives and searching.
Video 1  2  3  4  5  6  Video Civil 1  2
Frida-   Sloak Import special order female for clients in San Diego.  They ordered the
Frida and then came to training and picked her up.  Level 3 or 4 Protection. Great
Grand Daughter to our Dunco Va-Pe.  Social.  Good with kids.
Shadow-  Good natured and strong searching.  Good with children.   Single Purpose
Videos Long Bite  Handler Protection Search and Escort   On Slick
Floors  Object Defense
Khai vom haus Berendorf  Pedigree  Dual Purpose Police K-9.  Very social with
children.  Good with other dogs. Sold to VSCI and now works for Oklahoma City