Hobbes van Banholz-  Dual purpose Police K-9.  Needs experienced handler.  High
drives and very good searching.  
Video Hobbes Playing Ball  Hobbes Ball 1  2  Hobbes apprehension
Liam von Texoma-  Level 2/3 protection trained.  Young dog.  
Good with other dogs, even small ones. Natural civil drives.  Social
with children and even tempered all around good dog for the home.  
Good barking now in drive and biting the hard sleeve.
 Liam 1st
Time Table
Amika- She has a BH, AD.   WUSV FCI 2009 SCHH3 IPO KKL1 Hoky Va-Pe
 A-normal hips.  Level 3 protection dog and ready for IPO 1.  Good in the
house and around animals / even livestock and cats.  
Video:  Obedience   Protection   Protection 2  Hidden Sleeve  1  2  3
Yarto-  Nice and social Malinois.   Good obedience and good for family
protection Level 3 Protection.  Does do narcotic detection.     
Video 1  
Video 2
Toby-  Dual Purpose Police K-9.   13 months old.  Social with
natural civil drives and defense.  Strong prey also.   Very nice
and strong young dog.   In Training now to finish him and get him
ready for the streets.  Balanced with good nerves.  Can be
stubborn with his toy not letting it go, but not handler aggressive.
Maugli-  Dual Purpose Police K-9.  Hard grips.  Very strong prey and
searching.  Good all around dual.  Will work anywhere.  Social with no
handler aggression at all.   Nice Mal, will be ready for our next handler
school.    Balanced strong nerves.  Very strong ball drive.  This is also a
very handsome dog in person.  
Wombat-  12 Months old in videos.  This is a nice dual purpose.  Strong civil
aggression, already biting the suit, and hidden sleeve.  Strong male also, but social and
no handler aggression.  Good ball drive and searching. Passive response.   Belgium
import with German SV papers.

Woodward PD bought him in 2013 from us and within the first 30 days
working the streets he had 9 Grams of Crystal Meth and $29,000.00on
seized on one of the new handler's arrests.  
 Video 1  2  Drug
Searching 1  2  3
Patsy-  Level 3 protection dog.  Import
from Holland.  Very social with other dog
and children.  Good guarding with
barking.   Good in the house and likes to
ride in a vehicle.  Imported from
Baron-  Pure DDR.  Rare to find this breeding combination in the United
States.  Social with babies, small kids, kids, and small dogs.  Very even
tempered.  Level 3 or 4  Protection.  Balanced with good nerves and Level
headed.  Grew up inside.   
 Pedigree 1  2    Video 1  2  3  Baron
Jenny-  Single Purpose Police K-9.   Social with children and
good obedience.  
V IPO2 Jasta van Huize Joris- Hips A- Fast-Normal.  KKL1  Jasta has
recently  retired from our breeding program.  She is a very level headed dog.  
Great around children and other animals.  She can be handled by children and
even worked.  Great dog.  She will be missed.
Jasta-  IPO 2 Titled female
from Belgium.  Very nice all
around female for breeding,
sport, or protection.

Retrieve    Flat Retrieve
and Transport  Pedigree
Kanto Re-Star.  SVV1 Titled Male-   Thanks to his breeder Peter Resutik and Martina also for getting this great
dog for us.  Peter put a title on him for us and took him for a show rating which he received Velmi Dobry.  Level 4
finished with us.  Suit training and muzzle work.  Hard grips.  
Sold to  Ernie Hasse of http://bramblewoodkennels.com/.  See Testimony 2 page
Protection 1  2  3  4 Control Training Pedigree 1  2

Picture above right is at Ernie's house with his wife's cats.  Needless to say Kanto had to be good with
cats.  Thanks to Ernie for being patient with us while we imported and finished Kanto for him.
Aja (ASIA)- is strong willed and very driven yet easy to handle female
malinois.  One of the best.   Comes from a breeding program from a
friend of ours in Holland and pedigree that is full police k-9's and a
kennel.  We have imported several dogs out of for the last 15 years.  We
also train in Holland with them at the KNPV club.
 The bite videos we
have are her from 9 months old.  She is now 2.  So if you can imagine her
ability at 9 months, just imagine how good she is at 2.  She is now biting
the KNPV suit.   New videos to come.  
Pedigree mother Father   Aja 1@ 9
months 2@ 9months  3@ 9 months 4@ 9 months.  Drug Searching 1 First
time vehicle search
Chariz (Call name Tedi)-  Czech Import.   Dual Purpose Police K-9.  Large mail with strong searching
drives and abilities.  Very strong ball drive.  Strong grip. Biting the suit and will be ready for our next
handler school after the one in October.  Here is a link to a photo gallery of Tedi:  Tedi came to us after
only biting for a couple months in the Czech Republic.  He was 11 months old in the vides shown.  He was
sold to the Comanche County Sheriff's Office.  He became a very hard but easy to handle Police K-9.  


you will need Quicktime player  to view videos

Videos are large files and take time to download.
Video Apprehensions.

Video Searching.  Retrieves Plastic, steel, wood and copper.
Sam-  Czech Import.  Picture at left is here at our place at 14 months old.  Picture at
the right is Sam grips.  The videos below are of Sam at 7 months.  The last video is of
Sam at 14 months old.  A normal hips and elbows.  Also sold to CCSO, Special
Operations.  Very Successful in a short time.  Great tracking dog,
Sam Bite training 7 months old  Civil Training  Sam Obedience  Ball Drive
Video Sam Bite training 12 months old
Sniper-  Level 2 Protection.  Raised around children.  Good in the house.   
Protection 1  Protection 2   Obedience
Igor-    Great protector.  Social with family and children.    Level
3 or 4 protection.   Likes to travel and loves to go to work and
hang out.  Very Handsome dog in person also.  A normal hips
and elbows.  Not always easy to handle, but once he is bonded
he is not too bad.  
Rykin-  Raised around other dogs and good with children.  Good
obedience.  Natural Civil Level 3 protection with strong grips.  
Mostly DDR and some Czech lines.  AKC'd.  Good hips and elbows.  
Good obedience.  Young in the videos
Protection 1  Protection 2  In training and tracking is also started
if needed.  
Ryking is the son of Paladin a dog we helped titled and been
training with since he was 8 weeks old.  He was raised with a
traner of ours.
He is listed on our Testimony Page 2.

Texoma K-9

Sold Dogs 7
Atos-  Narcotics and handler protection.  Very
strong ball drives and searching.  Very civil
and protective.   
Video 1  Video 2
Emil-  Level 3 or 4  protection.  German Import
from was training in the German Sport clubs.  
Social dog, but civil when needed.  Confident
with himself and very good with children.  
Lex-   Dual Purpose Police K-9 Patrol and
Narcotics.   Social / no handler aggression.  
Very stable and good with kids.  Strong drives.  
Civil.  Strong full grips and strong searching
drives.  Environmentally sound.
Ball Drive & Searching:   
1   2   3   4   5   6   
Civil & Apprehension:     
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  
Tika-  Single purpose narcotics detection.  Very strong searching drives and
very good work ethic.  Good with children.  
Ball Drive and Searching:  
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9
Jukon-  IPO1 Titled Male.  Very social and
easy to handle.  Goes anywhere with ease.  
Great with other dogs and small children.  
German Import.  Hips and Elbows
A-normal.   Good scores on his title.  Good
for breeding or home protecton.
Video 1  2  3  4
Duvel-  Social but but protective of owners and pack members.  Good with
children.   Easy to handle.  Loves to spend time with the family.  Good looking dog
1  2  
Jagger-   Dual Pupose Police.  Very social.   Good with kids.  Very good ball drive and
searching ability.  Civil aggression is good and will bite for real.  Also trained on suit.   Easy
to handle, no handler aggression.  Medium sized Malinois - Not small.
Video on first bite suit session.   
Youtube  And Table Work  NEW YOUTUBE 1    2
Baxter-   Level 3 / 4  Protection.  Very social.   Good with kids.  Very good ball drive and searching ability.  
Civil aggression is good and will bite for real.  Easy to handle, no handler aggression.  
Bady-  Dual Purpose Police K-9.  Social.  Strong searching and ball
drive.  Very strong prey and strong grips.
Talia-  Protection level 3 / 4.  Imported from Czech Republic.  Sorry she looks so dark in the image
above, but we just got this picture in.   She is great with small kids, dogs, cats, you name it.  Strongly
protective when you need her too, but nice when you do not.  Videos to come.  Pictures on right biting
the hidden sleeve here at our training field.  
Karlo-  Personal Protection Level 3/4.  Imported from Slovakia.  Social with family,small  dogs, and small children.   
Easy to handle.  Good obedience.  Strong bite with social aggression.   Good protection training.   Loves to be with
family.  Not a hard dog at all, but there when you need him.  
zero-  Police K-9.  Czech Import A throw back to the best of the boarder patrol dogs from East German to
Czech lines.  Loyal to his family and handler.  Civil with strong grips.  Strong ball drive also and searching
abilities.  Great with family and children.  A true throw back border patrol Shepherd.
Betsy-  Protection Level 3.  Import from Belgium.  Very social and well trained dog.  Loves children and raised in the home.  Good with other dogs
and cats.  Very good protection work with strong grips and civil when needed.  See video below to see how she plays with a Malinois male.  Very
goo natured dog, will go anywhere and protect anywhere.  Social when needed, but also protective if the situation requires it.  
Drako-  Dunco Va-Pe son.   Large male.  8 months old.  In training for police dual purpose police k-9 or level 3 / 4 protection if
he doesn't pass police training.  Strong drives and strong possession for the toy.  Social and good with kids.  Easy to handle
and not high energy when not in drive.  
BluSteele's Grizzly.  Cane Corso.  Level 2 protection.   Parents are imports form Europe.  He is a gentle giant.  Very good
disposition and easy to handle.  Very good with children and social.  Barks mainly as intimidation, but he is tested and will bite to
defend his handler.  He is not a dog that we would send on long bites, but he is balanced in his drives and training.  Loves to
ride in a vehicle and go anywhere with his owner.
Jerry-  3 year old Level 3 / 4 or Dual Purpose Police K-9.  Jerry is good around other animals and cats.  He has strong civil
protection work and good prey drives and searching.   He is good in the house and raised around children.  He has been
trained to protect children while they play.  His is very social, but has strong natural protective instincts that help him in his
protection work.  He has good obedience.  
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Tex-  Single purpose police narcotic detection and tracking k-9.   Large male and very high drives.  Loves to search and  
play tug.  Very active for a male his size.   Great with kids.
Video starting to learn passive response.
Rikki-  18 month old Single Purpos Labrador narcotics and police tracking dog.  Fully trained and ready for the next handler
school in September.  Good with kids and other animals.
Video Searching a truck for cocaine.  
Rhor-   18 Month Old Large Belgian Malinois.  Dual Purpose Police Narcotics and Patrol + Tracking or Level 4 Personal
Protection.  Good with children.  Not handler aggressive and good obedience.  Very good grips and outs clean.  

Video Drug Searching
Video Bite Suit 1
Hidden Sleeve