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Here are some  more
E-mails from our owners..
Hello, He behaves very well.  He just gets in a seat, sits
already lets me know if anyone is around.  I'm really proud of
Thanks, Take care,
Zane 2010

Hi Bill,

I wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Elu von Texoma  
at 2+ years old.  (Dunco Va-Pe and Hera Rivie son).  

He's been spoiled rotten.  But, he really is a great dog ....I'm
still amazed how fast he learns and how many things he will
and can do.

Hope everything is well in Oklahoma.

Take care,
Hello Bill:
corresponded, I though I would let you know that all is well.
dog master 2, anyways, my e-mail address changed as you
will see, but I didn't want to loose contact with you as you are
the one that restored my faith in that there are some honest
trainers and kennels out there.

He is exactly as you stated and he is from good stock, as we
alert and watch full around his family, he stands firm on his
feet and much larger than I had expected, he's finding it a bit
be the dominant one, but Cisko has a different personality,
its like, well you're here, but its no big deal...there is a year
difference in their age, but they are making a great pair.  
Well, hope all is well and I wanted you to know that I
appreciated you and your business.
Robert Williams
Kelly.  We had a good trip back, although my GPS quit
working outside Kansas City, so we got a little lost.  Got the
GPS working again and found our way.
She made the trip just fine, she is adjusting to her new
Redirected and no problem since.  (Getting to know each
other).  Not a problem.
Have taken her out several times and she has met the
neighbors, no problems with her in or out of the home.
We love her...... she has a home for good.......
We are happy, she is loving and appears happy. I can't
move without her getting up and staying right to my
side.....LOVE IT!
Thank you again for her. Will keep in touch and give you
progress reports, and send you some pictures later on

Dave & Kathy

I've attached a picture of Troopers biggest bust so far, 45
grams of meth and over $3,000 in cash. Raul was a proud

Chief Scott Julian 3/11/2011
The Harper County Sheriff's Office held a special emphasis
October 8th 2011 at approx 10:00 am, I observed two vehicles
with Colorado tags that appeared to be traveling together.
Once I came across these vehicles, the 1st vehicle sped way
up trying to attract my attention to him and not the vehicle
behind him.  At this time it appeared to me that the 1st
vehicle was a decoy vehicle and that the 2nd vehicle may be
transporting narcotics.  I called my partner and i advised
them of this situation. My partner was able to stop the 2nd
vehicle on a traffic violation.  After talking to both males in
the vehicle my partner found that their stories did not match.
My partner then called me to come run K-9 Helo on the
vehicle while he conducted his traffic stop.  As I ran K-9 Helo
around the vehicle he went underneath the pickup bed area
hitting his nose on the bottom of the pickup bed.  K-9 Helo
then came out from underneath the pickup and sit showing
me an alert.  I finished running Helo and he alerted to the bed
of the pickup as well.  After searching the pickup we found a
small amount of marijuana inside the pickup.  In the back of
the pickup bed we observed numerous tools and a stack of
24 boards of plywood. We then noticed that the plywood was
nailed together.  The driver and passenger said that they
nailed the plywood together to keep them from shifting
around.  I advised my partner that my K-9 was alerting directly
underneath the bed where the plywood was sitting.  At this
time my partner and i believed that there may be a hidden
compartment in the middle of the plywood.  We then found
that the plywood was very flexible in the middle.  At this time
my partner began taking the plywood apart with some tools.
After removing approx 6 sheets of plywood, we discovered
that the plywood had been cut out in a perfect square. We  
took the plywood apart and found a hidden compartment
directly in the middle of the plywood containing 358 lbs of
marijuana.  After further investigation, we found out that the
marijuana was coming from Denver Colorado and headed to
Tulsa. This took place on Hwy ??? in Harper County.  K-9 Helo
did an excellent job of pin-pointing the marijuana.  I want to
thank you for selling our department such a great K-9 and
providing such good training to me.  During this three day
operation K-9 Helo alerted on several vehicles which we
found illegal narcotics in all the vehicles and we were able to
arrest  a total of 9 people, seize two vehicles, and $1,350.00 6
misdemeanors. The decoy vehicle was also caught and we
were able to file conspiracy charges on trafficking as well as
trafficking charges on the two males in the vehicle with the
marijuana.  Again thanks for the training you provided to Helo
and to me also when I came to school there.    K-9 Helo has
certainly caught a lot of attention due to his performance.

Derek Seevers
Harper Co. Sheriff's Office October 2011.

Just wanted to touch base as it has been just shy of a year
that he is my greatest companion! He is a perfect fit for me,
as a Belgian Malinois, he has such a calm demeanor, which
fits me to a 'T'! One trainer said it perfect, "When he comes
on the field so quiet with decoys around, if he didn't bite so
hard, we would believe he is asleep."   Perfect demeanor.  
We are located in New Jersey and started training with
K9-Unlimited, here in the northern part of the state; I didn't
have any intention on doing anything per se with Icarus, but
started training in PSA and have a PDC on him and
working toward his PSA-1; we also recently started him in
scent detection (explosives) and are hoping to get certified
within the next few months. We train advanced obedience
once a week, and do two days a week of Protection /
PSA work, and fit in his scent detection throughout the week!

Hope all is well!

William, January 2011.

With Icarus's training and finished training on him we did at
Texoma K-9, he is a perfect choice for PSA.
Johnny has handled some of our other canines during his
career.  He is currently an interdiction officer and is working
his new dog Django / a Belgian Malinois from a KNPV trainer
that we imported directly from Holland.  The dog came direct
quality.  During the last three months, Django and Johnny
have several interdiction stops with large quantities of
narcotics and money found by Django.  

Izzy and I had an AWESOME night.  On 03/18/2012 at approximately
2045 hours another K9 deputy initiated a pursuit of a stolen
vehicle.  That pursuit ended on Hwy 9 at the South edge of
Thunderbird Lake.  I arrived on scene and was advised that the
passenger was in custody and the other K9 officer was tracking
the driver who fled on foot.  I got Izzy and proceeded to the
vehicle.  By this time the other K9 had lost the track and met me
at the vehicle.  That K9 officer came with me as a cover officer.  I
presented the driver’s seat to Izzy and gave him the track
command.  Izzy came away from the vehicle, put his nose to the
ground and started tracking.   The K9 officer advised me that this
was the same path he had taken and ask if Izzy was tracking him.  
I stated; “Yes, he is on him”.  We continued the track into some
sense.  I just kept repeating to myself “trust you dog”.  After
tracking the suspect two miles deep into the woods, my cover
officer said he heard something.  He started yelling commands.  I
yelled my K9 warning.  But nothing happened.  I was very close to
letting Izzy go for an area search.  I told my cover officer that we
were close and based on the wind at our back we could track by
him or straight up to him and be close when we found him.  We
started to move again.  After approximately 30 yards, Izzy had a
hard head snap left.  And I heard my cover officer screaming at
the suspect.  The suspect was lying in the prone position with his
hands out to his sides approximately 8 feet to my left and
downwind.  I gave Izzy the alert command.  Izzy alerted and
started barking at the suspect.  No doubt Izzy was ready to go.  
Because of the heavy underbrush I had Izzy on a 15 Ft leash.  But,
kept him reeled in to about 6 Ft.  The suspect gave up and no
bite was needed.  I was glad my cover officer was a K9 officer.  
He was right where he needed to be to see the suspect.

Oh!!! If I forgot to mention Izzy found 32 grams of meth two weeks
before this track.  Izzy is reaching ROCK STAR status.  And I have
only had him for four months.  

Steve, Cleveland County Sheriff's Office.   3-19-2012.
Izzy von Texoma at  4.5
Right with Handler 2 years

Video Izzy at 5 months
biting the rag.  
Hi Bill,
climb in my lap every time I sit down. Obviously he's going to be
being in a kennel.  
Won't do anything other than simple basic obedience and play
ball for a week. Although I think the "bond" is already sealed.
Also starting a bond with Andrea. Which is smart of him.
Walked through the obstacle course. He went up and walked the
dog walk by his choice. I never asked him to.
Started his new diet last night. High octane Pro Plan (twice a day).
Along with high grade salmon oil. And a new "weight gaining"
supplement powder on his food. He should be looking normal in
weight and coat before long.
Looking forward to his papers to get him registered. And your
certs., of course.  
Many thanks.

Later email:
He continues to progress. Getting accustom to house life.
Content to sprawl out on the living room floor. Will stay where
ever I tell him. Good with the kennel dogs and Andrea's
cats in the house.  Ran him on a 413 yard track early this morning.
The second one with his ball at the end. The first 150 was on
"hard dirt", with some sections of loose sandy soil. He virtually
straddled the line and moved it at a quick pace. He really lit up
when he found his ball at the end.
I see progress with each track. Hopefully it continues as they get
more difficult and longer.

Bramblewood Kennels  /  http://www.bramblewoodkennels.com/
He even did a low growl when a man came up behind me quickly
and the man immediately apologized and walked a big circle
around us.  He met the kiddos and was gentle and everyone was
calm including Rykin.  He has been fine in the house and the
bengal cat is acclimating, Rykin could careless about the cat and
I think with in the week the cat will get over having Rykin in the
The ice storm has hit and I walked him at 7am this morning for a
good hour before all the ice came but we couldn't walk this
afternoon and evening so we played ball and he loves to chase
the tennis ball and is learning I can't throw anything till he drops
the ball.  I turned around from shoveling ice off our walk and he
was behind me with the ball at my heels waiting on me to throw it.
He doesn't go but a few feet away from me whether on the leash
or not and he seemed to love the walk this morning in the
wooded area.  
He has been my shadow since we arrived home and seemed to
love the grooming at bed time. He sat with Madison Caroline our
4yr old quite a bit today while she colored since she just talks
away to him and has that chipper sweet sing song voice.  When
he lays near me in the kitchen, living room, or laundry room he
seems to need to touch my foot.  He did jump on the sofa and
after a quick  no,no/ phewie he hasn't done it again.  He is easy
and calm to have in the house, no jumping up or knocking
anything or anyone over and he hasn't even really barked yet.  
(hasn't needed to).  He learns so quickly, he knows that when he
comes in that I am gonna wipe his paws off so he just sits on the
towel  while I wipe the snow/water off of him.
He just let me know he needed to go outside and I opened the
door and let him out and with the ice falling and the cold I stood
inside but he just stood there looking at me and yes, I walked out
in the cold with him and he did his business and raced back to
the front door (bad habit to start). There is no school tomorrow
due to the weather so we will continue to bond with him.  Tell
Mike we are surprised it's been this easy, I really thought we
would have to get use to having him in the house and was ready
for a learning phase but so far there is none.  He seems to just
belong here and we are enjoying him!  Will send you an update in
a few weeks, my husband stated that he's already a momma's boy!
      Thank you so much,  

Tammy and Jeff B.